Green party urge local MPs not to vote for bombing


Barnsley Green party have issued a plea to local MPs Dan Jarvis, Michael Dugher, John Healey and Angela Smith, not to vote in favour of dropping bombs on Syria.

A spokesperson for the local Green party said, “the first casualties of war are always innocent civilians. We have recently witnessed heart breaking scenes of refugees fleeing Syria, dropping more bombs will only make this worse.

“The current situation is extremely fragile and David Cameron has not adequately answered the difficult questions over how British airstrikes in Syria will increase our security here in Britain or help bring about a peace in the region.

“Further bombing will only drive more Syrians to take to winter seas in unsafe boats, resulting in more bodies washing up on distant shorelines and more recruits for ISIS. We urge Barnsley’s MPs to ask themselves if they truly represent the wishes of their constituents by being complicit in such atrocities?”

A spokesperson for Barnsley People’s Assembly said, “We support this plea, as Barnsley has already received a number of refugees fleeing the horrors of war. If our politicians vote to join in with the bombing in Syria, this can only increase.”