A Green choice for Barnsley Central


We are proud to announce that Michael Short is standing as our Green candidate in Barnsley Central.

Michael lived in Barnsley Central for 23 years, being educated at Shawlands Primary, Holgate Secondary, Barnsley College and finally Huddersfield University. He continues to work in Barnsley Central as a Trade Union convenor, representing members in the workplace and negotiating for better working conditions and rights.

Michael decided to stand as a parliamentary candidate because he grew tired of seeing the poorest and most vulnerable approach him with worries about their employment and finances and with little they could do about it.

He believes that the Green Party however is the only party that promises to stand up to private interest and take back our services and ensure that all money coming from them is put straight back into improving the services for the public good, not private profit.

To read Michael’s full statement, click here.