Barnsley Council’s Local Plan “Opens the Door” for Fracking in the area

We at the Barnsley Green Party urge local residents to oppose Barnsley Council’s Mineral’s Policy in their Local Plan consultation.

The document states that hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, will be supported by the council. We only have until August 19th to tell Barnsley Council not to allow fracking in our area.

The Minerals Policy (Under section 22 of the plan) states that ‘proposals for the exploration and production of oil and gas (including petroleum, natural gas, coal mine methane, coal bed methane or underground gasification of coal), will generally be supported’, and that ‘proposals for the exploration and production of shale gas via hydraulic fracturing will generally be supported.’

The Green Party is the only mainstream party in the UK to completely oppose fracking, as unfounded support for fracking puts corporate wealth before public health. We therefore call for a ban on all UK fracking operations, and for the UK to close loopholes which put our towns at risk.

Our objections to fracking are based on empirical, peer-reviewed evidence. Not only is fracking linked to health problems such as respiratory and reproductive issues, cancer and headaches, but it is also damaging to the environment due to methane gas, radioactive elements, and carcinogenic chemicals being released in to the atmosphere. There is also an increased risk of earthquakes caused by drilling, as well as risk of groundwater contamination, resulting in water shortages and health problems.

Fracking also puts our farming and agricultural industry under threat. In the US, fracking near farming areas has caused water contamination which has lead to livestock sickness, infertility, deformed young, and death. The risk of groundwater contamination has also led to a significant fall in property values.

In 2016 we should be striving to produce safe, renewable energy. We have the money, infrastructure and resources to stop burning fossil fuels and invest in green, sustainable energy. We are incredibly disappointed that Barnsley Council would put residents’ health at risk like this, and adopt such a regressive policy.

We therefore call on Barnsley Council to remove the statement of support for fracking from the Local Plan, and encourage everyone to raise their concerns by commenting on the Local Plan consultation website. The Local Plan consultation can be found here:

We also encourage residents to write to their local and parish councilors objecting to this support and to attend one of the remaining Barnsley Council consultation events:

  • Thursday 21st July (5pm-7pm)
  • Goldthorpe Library, Barnsley Road Friday 22nd July (10am-12 noon)
  • Wombwell Library, Station Road Saturday 23rd July (10.30am-12.30pm & 1pm-3pm), Better Barnsley Unit, Cheapside, Barnsley Town Centre.

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We hold monthly public meetings on the second Thursday of every month from 7pm at the YMCA in Barnsley town centre.




Natalie Bennett visits Barnsley

On Friday 11th March, we were pleased to welcome Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett to Barnsley. She visited local projects such as the Barnsley Churches Drop-in Centre, Springvale Community Gardens in Penistone and the YMCA, before speaking at The Core.


Barnsley Churches Drop-in Centre


Springvale Community Gardens


With gardeners at Springvale Community Gardens


Being interviewed by Penistone FM


Barnsley YMCA


Speaking at The Core

Barnsley Green Party: Supporting Junior Doctors

Barnsley Green Party member Dominic Wood, on support for today’s Junior Doctor’s strike.

Caroline Natalie

It was a clear, bright sky that smiled over our Junior Doctor friends at Barnsley District & General Hospital this morning…

Safety is their paramount concern. The dispute is about contracts. BMA (British Medical Association) IRA representative Maria Butterfield was quoted as saying, “We have been asked not to bring banners. This is about the doctors and there message, which is clear and simple.”

Under the new contracts being offered, Student Doctors would have the EU legislative legal protection removed that currently prohibits the working of more than 48 hours a week. The reason for this legal prohibition is the well known and documented fact that tired doctors can kill patients. Unwittingly. Accidentally. Through being pushed to work longer hours than their mental and physical capacities can sustain.

That is why, said a Junior Doctor training in anaesthetics, we are striking in Barnsley today and on the 26th. We care about patients. We came into this profession because we want to help people and patient safety is paramount. Tired doctors can’t work to the best of their ability, much as they would like to do so.

Think about Patient Safety please, Mr. Cameron!

Green party urge local MPs not to vote for bombing


Barnsley Green party have issued a plea to local MPs Dan Jarvis, Michael Dugher, John Healey and Angela Smith, not to vote in favour of dropping bombs on Syria.

A spokesperson for the local Green party said, “the first casualties of war are always innocent civilians. We have recently witnessed heart breaking scenes of refugees fleeing Syria, dropping more bombs will only make this worse.

“The current situation is extremely fragile and David Cameron has not adequately answered the difficult questions over how British airstrikes in Syria will increase our security here in Britain or help bring about a peace in the region.

“Further bombing will only drive more Syrians to take to winter seas in unsafe boats, resulting in more bodies washing up on distant shorelines and more recruits for ISIS. We urge Barnsley’s MPs to ask themselves if they truly represent the wishes of their constituents by being complicit in such atrocities?”

A spokesperson for Barnsley People’s Assembly said, “We support this plea, as Barnsley has already received a number of refugees fleeing the horrors of war. If our politicians vote to join in with the bombing in Syria, this can only increase.”

No Fracking in Barnsley


Thursday 12 November 2015
7.30pm @ YMCA, 1 Blucher Street, Barnsley S70 1AP.

Admission Free.

Fracking is coming to Barnsley, with a number of exploratory licences granted in the area. Come along and find out more about an industry that is accused of causing pollution to land, air and water. What it could mean for the people of Barnsley and how we can stop it.

Further Information

Frack Free South Yorkshire: Website

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Barnsley Central Election Hustings

Barnsley Central Green Party candidate; Michael Short will be attending some upcoming hustings, so please come join us in supporting him.

Both are on 28th April the details are as follows:-

At 5.30pm to 7pm, the first hustings held by the trade unions will be at the Town Hall.

At 7.30pm to 9pm, there will be a general public hustings at Emmanuel Methodist Church, Huddersfield Road, postcode: S75 1DT

Please join us in helping Michael by showing your support, and handing out a few leaflets.