Dale Turner – Your Candidate for Penistone East


Help elect Barnsley’s first Green councillor! Click here to support our campaign.

I am standing as the Green Party candidate in Penistone East Ward in the Barnsley local elections on 5th May 2016.

We have been canvassing hard recently in the area and spending what little funds we have on producing excellent literature to help get our message across to the electorate. Unlike the major political parties we are up against, we don’t have large financial backers and other funds to call on.

This is where you may be able to help. As a Green Party member or supporter, you can make a donation to help us fund our campaign this time and also give us a kick-start towards future elections and the production of a quarterly newsletter.

So why not help us build on the Green Surge and achieve our goal of electing Barnsley’s first Green councillor.

However much you can give would be very much appreciated by myself and everyone on our team who is working so hard to achieve our goal.

So if you can, get involved and let’s bring about the change to local politics that Barnsley really needs.

Please give what you can spare and help elect me to represent the good people of Penistone East on 5th May 2016.

All Barnsley wards that the Green party is standing a candidate:

Central – Kate Raynor
Old Town – Amy Walker
Kingstone – Chris Scarfe
Dodworth – Ian Parker
Worsbrough – Lauren Conway
St Helens – Alan Jones
Penistone West – Richard Trotman
Penistone East – Dale Turner


Make a New Year’s resolution and be more Green in 2016


As 2016 approaches and our thoughts turn to the coming year, perhaps this could be the year that you help to make a difference?

2016 promises to be a busy year for Barnsley Green Party. We have the local elections in May, fracking licences now extending over most of the borough, austerity is biting hard, the effects of climate change gathering pace and a substantial threat to our green belt, now is an important time to make a stand and to get involved.

There are many ways in which you can help.

Join the Green Party: Our membership continues to grow as we fight on many fronts, standing up for the environment, fighting austerity and holding those in power to account. Join us today.

Stand as a Green Candidate in the local elections: We aim to stand a candidate in each of the 21 wards in the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council area. Even if you don’t expect to want or be able to do any campaigning, you could help give hundreds of people in your area the opportunity to vote Green, and give the party a foundation to build upon in future elections. More info here.

Help us to campaign: We have a number of campaigns planned for 2016, across a wide variety of issues. Maybe you could help us with an existing campaign, or perhaps you know of an issue on which you would like to make a stand? We welcome contributions for our website by party members on local and Green issues. Please contact us. You can also attend our monthly branch meetings.

Spread the Word: You can even help us without leaving your living room, by signing petitions, sharing our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter and making your friends and family aware of the issues on which we campaign. If you would like to be more active, you could help us to distribute leaflets. Please contact us for more info.

2016; there has never been a better year to be more Green!

Our next meeting is;

Thursday 14th January 2016 at 7pm

All meetings take place at the Barnsley YMCA, 1 Blucher St, Barnsley, S70 1AP.

Our local party contact is Dominic Wood. Call 01226 791188/07553 134015 or email info@barnsley.greenparty.org.uk.